26 September 2011

Roadster Demo Car: I - Styling

The I - Styling NA6 Roadster is very subtle but at the same time those in the know can pick out some of the incredibly rare items on the car. From the Enkei RPF1 14 inch wheels (limited run at the time) to the M2 1001 gauges and other interior pieces, this car has been modified in all the right areas. The car has been fitted with Nakamae bucket seats and the stance is helped by a set of Tein Flex coilovers.

Monaco 1965 - First Piece of Art Work

Whilst browsing around the Hinckley Classic Motorshow I spotted this for sale in a shop. After work I popped in and bought it. I need to get the print framed and the dimensions are 60cm*80cm. I can't wait to get it mounted and I'm also on the hunt for more car and bike related art work now.
This gives you a good idea as to how big the print is. I still have my Porsche Steve McQueen and Cosworth prints for the garage, maybe I should use them in the house.

25 September 2011

Just One Revolution

Suzuki RGV250 - 2 stroke 250cc racer for the road

Hinckley Classic Motorshow

Yesterday afternoon I was told that a classic car and bike gathering was happening in the middle of Hinckley town centre in the morning. After speaking to my dad we decided to pop down and see what vehicles would turn up. This is the first time Hinckley has hosted an event like this, the only other I can think of is the special stage around Argents Mead for the Rally of the Midlands.

As I live in Hinckley I popped along and was quite surprised by the turn out considering this is the first year of this event. There was a huge mix of cars and a few bikes were there too. As the morning went on it got busier with more car clubs turning up and even classic scooter clubs. Here are some pictures from the event.
All in all, a good way to spend a Sunday morning. Let's see what the turn out is like in 2012!