29 November 2010

26 November 2010


These cars are on the Racing Service Watanabe website. It's different to see these german cars without some type of euro wheels bolted on.

23 November 2010

M2 1028

I've been in awe of this model for the past few days now. I have always liked the M2 cars but I haven't really researched into them. The M2 1028 had light weight body panels, a different boot lid with a slight spoiler, 8 point roll cage, light weight seats, subtle interior as well as exhaust and engine tweaks. The compression was raised to 10.6:1, the cams were changed as well as various other pieces resulting in 140PS.

Not a huge power increase, but the light weight panels really helped make this car fly. Here are some pics.

21 November 2010

20 November 2010

Firing on 5 Cylinders

My buddy picked me up last night in this Audi TT RS. Now I'm not usually a fan of bog standard cars but this is by far one of my favourite production cars right now. The turbo torque is amazing, it pulls effortlessly and that 5 cylinder howl is to die for.

This particular model has the standard exhaust system. When I was standing outside the car and sport mode was selected you could hear the valve in the exhaust open. I am interested to see how loud the Audi Sport system is as this wasn't exactly quiet. Here are some quick pics and a small video.

19 November 2010

Honda RC166

With my bike test fast approaching I have starting thinking more and more about what characteristics I am looking for in a bike.

This Honda RC166 is incredibly special and will always have its place in motorsport history. It's a six cylinder, 250cc DOHC screamer with a redline of 18,000 rpm. Turn up the volume!

15 November 2010

WRC Great Britain 2010 - Epynt

After the cold and wet friday we had at Sweet Lamb it was very welcome when we got to Epynt to have the sun shining (we even caught the sun slightly). If you follow my blog you will have seen the event at Epynt earlier this year in March. It is very fast and for the WRC two stages were being used. The first stage was a mega quick tarmac course and the second stage was on gravel. Here are the pics.

Epynt is a military testing ground and there is basically nothing for miles and miles around. I kept finding empty bullet shells on the ground too.
It got busy, very quickly.
I spotted this parked up. It would have been the perfect car for the drive into the stage.
My brother took a photo of me wearing about 5 layers in order to try and keep warm. Luckily my jeans and trainers had dried out after Sweet Lamb.
Onto the cars then. The first car is the Volvo stage car.
Now the start of the rally cars.
The VIP's landed near us in a chopper.
Here is a quick vid of the corner I was watching at.
Next corner. Myself and my brother tried to find the best place to take photos.
Next corner. We watched here for the next set of cars which comprised of Escorts and various FWD competitors.
And to finish it off we had more choppers fly over and around us.