12 April 2010

Real Classic Meet 11/04/2010

I went along to a real classic meet with my dad yesterday and thought I should take some pics as some of the bikes were very clean indeed,

I didn't take my bike because in the car I can actually exceed 50 mph...

05 April 2010

Mariner Blue

I saw pics of this car when it was pretty much stock. Now it looks like this,

04 April 2010

Vintage Motorcycle Club - Warwickshire Spring Run 2010

Today was the first VMCC run of 2010. The turn out was pretty good, but the weather put some poeple off. It was good to see familar faces again. I was riding pillion today so I thought I'd be the resident camera man. These guys really know their stuff! If something is out of production they can make it. If you have a problem they can help you root cause it. Alot of these guys went through the fast bike faze when they were my age, and now they generally own very nice example of bikes that are 25 years or older.

It was a 50 mile run, and at the end we were greeted with sandwiches and soup, just what was needed after a rather chilly ride.

Here are the pics before the run took place

Project Boso Bashin' Miata

This car has been a hot topic recently on certain Roadster forums. It has either receieved criticism from people that just dont get it, or has received praise from people who have the ability to picture the finished project. Either way, I like it, and those Longchamps are epic! It makes me want to go wide arched and get some 4X114.3 hub convertors.

03 April 2010

British Touring Car Championship

As the BTCC starts this weekend at Thruxton, I thought it would be a good reminder of how the championship has developed over the years by showing some pics. Enjoy,

02 April 2010

Short and Sweet

That noise......

01 April 2010

Le Mans for the Sega Dreamcast

Although racing games have influenced me over the many years I have played them, one game on the Sega Dreamcast will always been looked upon with fond memories.

I still own this game, albeit not the same original copy I had, but I always crack a smile when I blast down the mulsanne straight in a Lancia LC - 2. Other racing games have left a bigger impression on me, but looking back to when I would complete a full 24 hour race on this game I would  experience going through dusk, the fireworks at night time, and dawn. It gave a feeling what it is like to be there. Le Mans this year then?