10 October 2009

A selection of NA Roadsters that got me obsessed!

Examples of wide arch, race tuned, turbo, and all motor creations that show what a humble MX5 can be turned into. Out of 1000 Roadster pictures on my PC, picking these took time and careful thought!

05 October 2009

Britcar 500

My brother and I went to Silverstone at the weekend to watch the Britcar 500. This is usually a 24 hour endurance race, but thanks to the recession the race this year was cut down to 500 miles. The race started at 4PM and ended at 10PM.

There was an awesome mix of cars, it was windy as hell, cold, and to top things off in great British style, it started to rain just as it got dark!

The rest of the photos can be found on my brother's Flickr here;


01 October 2009

Why the RX7 FC wins!

Ford Fair 2009

Some of the finest Ford's in the UK