25 April 2011

Stafford Classic Bike Show 2011

I went along to the Stafford Classic Bike Show yesterday with my dad as the events season is now well under way. The event had outside stands such as an auto jumble but the main show took place indoors. There was a lot of bikes and parts for sale as well as tools and motoring memorabilia.

I wish I had taken some money as now I have passed my full bike test I can legally ride any bike. The first lot of photos give an impression of the volume of stands at the show as well as bikes for sale. My dad had a good look around the auto jumble whilst I went off to check out the bikes on offer.
There were many stands selling a mountain of tools.
The staple wall of death at a bike show.
Box after box of old carburettors and dials for sale.
This Honda CB200 cafe racer looked great and had a fair price. It's a pity the 200cc engine is pretty poor. A mid 90s Japanese 250cc race rep engine swap would take care of that if I had it.
This BSA Gold Star 650 Twin was up for sale at £17,000.
It's not every day so you a selection of pistons lying around for sale in a plastic box.
Some of the bikes for sale were total restoration projects. Some are easy to get parts for but many old bikes require a lot patience and searching to find the correct components.
This Ducati 996 wasn't for sale but I just couldn't resist having a look around it.
Here is where the Grand Prix bike presentation took place. My Dad and I could hear bikes revving in the distance so naturally we wandered across. This little 50cc Yamaha racer makes a lot of noise for the size of it.

My dad pointed out this Moto Guzzi as it very different to bikes today.
 External flywheel
External valve springs.
The next Grand Prix showcase featured three BSA Rocket 3 racers. The sound was unreal. Having the howl of three triples in a confined space was just epic.
This was the first show stand that I went to. It is always a pleasure to have a look around some immaculate Honda CBXs.
Some cutaway photos of a Honda CBX six unit.
The view from the balcony.
This was the last bike I came to in the show. I fell in love with it there and then. It's not the prettiest Ducati or the fastest, but it's just something about it that I really like.
I came away from the show with a list of bikes I now need in my life. Roll on the next event.