31 May 2010

Japanese and Classic Bike Show 2010

I went to Stanford Hall yesterday to this show and got some real inspiration as to what I want my future bike to be and look like. Here are some pics of the day,
I just missed out on this one piece fairing. Its for a Honda 400 Four. Its pretty much just what I am after as I'm planning on getting a Honda next year. It was sold for £30.I could have done all the spraying work myself Maybe I'll find one next time....maybe.

Honda 250 I4 4 stroke Race Replica

I took this video at the Japanese and Classic Bike Show at Stanford Hall yesterday. I can safely say I want to build one now.

29 May 2010

Project Kawasaki Update: 3

Two posts in one day!

Well, the bike is back together for the Real Classic show tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. There are still jobs to do, but for now I am happy with it.  Keeping in mind the only parts I have ever sprayed before are my RS Watanabe's for the Roadster. I might invest in a spray gun when the Roadster is off the road over winter and I repaint the Watanabe's and do some more bike painting. Here is how it turned out,

Project Kawasaki Update: 2

The bike is nearly ready to be put back together. I am still looking for a new exhaust and new rear shocks but they can wait for now. Here is the progress,
Primed side panel
Primed fuel tank
Ford Diamond white top coat
New mouting board for the rear L plate

23 May 2010

JTS 2010 - Part One

I went to Silverstone today as JTS was on. It was interesting to see the circuit as it has just been changed, there is still construction work happening. The day consisted of lots of tuned cars, track day sessions and drifting.
Stay tuned for part two.