31 August 2010

Men from the Boys

Classic Porsche 911 having the tail step out at speed. Awesome.

27 August 2010

View No.5000

Although this blog has been going since September 2009, I was always interested if anyone actually viewed it. In June 2010 I put a counter at the bottom of the page and it has just ticked over to 5,000 views.

Thanks to those who view the blog and I hope the content is interesting. Here's to another 5,000 views,

15 August 2010

Bruntingthorpe 2010

I went to Bruntingthorpe today with some mates. The main attractions for the day were passenger rides is sports cars, an air display and go karting. We had two sessions of karting and I had a passenger in three cars. The cars were, a 340 bhp Lotus Elise powered by a supercharged Honda K24, a Porsche 911 GT3 and a TVR Sagaris. Here are the pics,
After a day of excitement is was home time. We loaded the cars up and hit the B roads. In the convoy was my mates Z4 3.0, an MR2 Rev3 Turbo and the Roadster.

10 August 2010

Kwakker and Kettle

Whilst I was at work yesterday I really wanted to be out on my bike and not there, so as soon as I got home I jumped on my bike and my dad came along too. Here are some pics.

These donkeys came up to us while we had a quick stop, they were friendly enough until I started the Kwakker. The sound from the expansion pipe and two stroke smoke meant they made a quick exit.

08 August 2010

My kinda' RS Turbo

6 cylinders, turbo charged and dropped on RS Watanabes. I'd have this over any Ford RS Turbo,

04 August 2010

Bosozoku Millenium

They certainly know how to party,

03 August 2010

Japanese Italian

Lightweight, Nimble and French

I tend to overlook french cars. On the whole I am not really a fan, but the french can produce a really great car when they want to. Here is a selection that are light weight, revvy, nimble and front wheel drive,