30 January 2010

Getting to grips with a new camera

I met up with one of my mates today who I hadn't seen in a while so I took a few pictures of his car for him. Here are how they turned out,


24 January 2010

RS Active Low Pro Headlights

Here are a few pictures of how the front of an MX5 can be transformed by changing the headlights. The first picture is from an MX5 forum, the owners of the cars are pretty serious MX5 fans,

I feel the headlights give the MX5 a sleek GT style look, now I just need to find a set........

10 January 2010

A present from Lewis Hamilton, yes, that's THE Lewis Hamilton...

My mums friend dropped round a gift for my younger brother today, one of Lewis Hamilton's driving gloves from last years Formula One championship and he kindly signed it for him.
Next time I go out for a hoon in the Roadster I should borrow it, maybe his magic will work on me.......this could be my pick of testiny!!