27 August 2011

Project Garage: The Middle and Nearing the End

Thanks to the lack of internet this project has sort of been and gone without many updates. The garage is now complete so this is a huge post showing everything that has been done since I last reported on this some time ago. Here it goes,

I spent quite some time re pointing the brick work in the garage. The garage had been quite badly neglected so whilst I was in the process of cementing the garage floor the brickwork had some attention too.
The shelving was change for lighter wood.
Part of the garage floor that I had to cement. I didn't care that the finish wasn't totally flat, I just wanted a steady surface that I could put weight on.
I made slight ramp into the garage too because I wanted to neaten up the appearance.
Work bench worktop,
I bought some concrete sealer and spent an evening breathing in the lovely fumes,
Once the sealer had dried I bought some garage floor paint and set to painting.
Once the floor was dry I could store the car and bikes in the garage. I then began to mark out how much room I'd have for a work shop area,
Esso sign being put to use that I bought from the Silverstone Classic,
Home made padding so I don't bash the door of the car,
Cabinets in place and my old posters being put to use,
Garage door with similar treatment,
The workshop area. My grandad has his tools set out exactly like this with peg board and clips. I was given some tools to help me start out. I'm sure this collection will grow over time.
Lastly, a touch of my childhood. I went back to my parents house to pick up some bits and pieces and my mum had put these to one side. I wasn't that fussed about them but it was suggested that I kept them. For now they are on display...until I need that room for things.
I still have some posters that need framing and putting up so I still have little jobs to do here and there. On the whole the garage is nearly finished though.