30 July 2011

Awesomefest 2011 - Saturday

Today started early as I was planning to go to Awesomefest. Having the event at Mallory Park meant that it only took around 20 minutes to get there so it was a nice easy start to the day. When I arrived I had a wander around as I knew a few people at the event. When I got there I had a look at which would be the best spot to watch at.
A familiar sight, cast your mind back to September 2009 on this blog and you'll see this exact car that used to belong to Rob Richardson of Racer 86 at Mallory Park for the MX5 OC day.
The Nissan Silvia seemed to be a very popular choice whether it be a S13/ PS13/ S14(A) or S15.
Escort MK2 4 door drifter in the paddock.
Toyota Corolla KE70 getting ready before hitting the track.
Who needs RS Watanabe wheel nuts when you can have proper nuts!
Rich Hudson's PS13 and Dave Cooper's S13. The last time I saw these cars was at the Stanceworks meet in Milton Keynes.
I sold my Cusco cage to the owner of this BRG NA8C Roadster today. He took me for a spin before he collected the cage to show what the BP06 or 'exhintake' mod does to the car. The car pulls from 4500 to the redline with ease and the induction sound is really aggressive. I look forward to doing that to my car now.
Trap lip, RS Watanabe A types, Zoom style rear spoiler, tan interior and wooden Nardi trim. Classic racer look Roadster.
Rich's PS13 after the boost pipe kept blowing off when he was out on track.
The owner of this NA6 travelled all the way from Germany for the event.
Another one of the ex Racer 86 daily driver brigade.
This AE86 was powered by a Mazda rotaty unit.
JDM Garage selling all your performance needs. I was surprised they had a complete R35 engine for sale.
My mate's E46 BMW M3.
I had a quick look around this NA Roadster before I left as it was wearing some Rota Hayashi replica wheels. It did look quite good in the flesh and was tastefully modified.