24 June 2011


Last night I went to the cinema with my brother to watch Senna The Movie. Having only been 7 years old when he was killed at Imola I never really understood the impact he made within Formula One. The film showed a huge amount of footage throughout his career up until his last race, as well as his trouble with motorsport politics. I would strongly recommend seeing the film if your a motorsport fan as it gives a insight into the life of Ayrton Senna. Here is a clip from Top Gear about Artyon Senna showing what some of the film touches on,

19 June 2011


NA6 Roadster running around 300ps. The car has a Trust TD05 turbo charger and looks to pick up really well. I'm an NA guy but videos like this sway me....

11 June 2011

Le Mans 2011 - Allan McNish Accident

My buddy posted this on my Facebook wall earlier today. As it is Le Mans this weekend I was going to make a related post anyway, but after seeing this I wanted to share it. Luckily Allan McNish is fine as well as the spectators. Allan was running second in the race after stating fourth on the grid when he clipped a GTE Pro Ferrari. I can't help but think of the evolution of motorsport safety after watching this, and what could have happened. If this was 40 years ago the headlines tomorrow could have been very different.......

08 June 2011

Car Make Corn*s

Here is a little video I found on youtube of some guys visiting Car Make Corn*s

07 June 2011

Ferrari F1 - Where it Began

I came across this a while back and thought I'd share it on here. It's interesting to see the range of grand prix cars that Ferrari has produced.