10 July 2011

Project Coffee Table - Michelin Slick Tyre

Since buying my first place I'm currently looking at what furniture I can buy. Since day one I've though about making a custom coffee table. In 2006 I went to the free Renault Performance show at Donington park where I was given a used F3 slick racing tyre. The tyre stayed in the garden and was used as a plant pot, until today.
I set to and starting cleaning up the tyre. Besides 5 years of mud and compost to remove I had to get out any slugs and then remove all the old water in the bottom of the tyre.
I now need to make a wooden circular base where I can put some feet onto the bottom. Once that has been built and bolted onto the tyre I'll get a piece of circular glass cut. Maybe the next project will be making all my door handles out of con rods.......

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