02 May 2011


The internet is a great tool.

By typing in the words 'classic Alfa Romeo' to Google image search I stumbled across a UK based Alfa Romeo specialist called Alfaholics. Now, I'm not one for promoting or shamelessly plugging things on this blog but I was really impressed with what I saw on their website. The shop is run by three Alfa Romeo specialists and the vast array of parts then sell and services they offer is impressive.

Alfaholics cater for numerous Alfa models, but I was more interested in the tab on their website marked 'Race and Performance'. The image below shows a manifold section from their full exhaust system for the Alfa Romeo Nord unit.
Next I was drawn to their classic style bucket seats that are finished in leather. If I didn't have the Recaro bucket seats in the Roadster this is exactly what I would be after.
You can buy cylinder heads in a different state of tune. The image below shows their big valve 1600 head.
If you want your GTA to have a race feel to it then you can buy some GTAm replica wheels finished in gold.
The guys sell custom engines too depending if you want an engine built from the bottom up.
The servicing Alfaholics can provide is very extensive. They can perform a basic service all the way to re sleeving a block. If you want to go all out though they can build/ re build an entire car from scratch.
Here is the finished article once the car was restored.
You can also buy used cars from them like this GTAm replica.
As this company is based in Bristol the next time I head down south I am really tempted to pop in and take a look. There must be a market there for this kind of work which is really encouraging. When searching for tuning houses I have only found specialists that go into this much detail in Japan, so seeing a UK based tuner is refreshing. If only there was a Mazda Roadster specialist like this in England.........


  1. Hmmmm...wonder what those GTA/M wheels would look like on a NA/NB Roadster...

  2. I wonder if they are 4X100? I think they would look really good

  3. Bellissima! Cuore Sportivo!

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