18 July 2011

Festival of 1000 Bikes - Mallory Park

A couple of weekends ago I went to Mallory Park as it was the Festival of 1000 Bikes show. The range of bikes was enormous and past masters were tearing around the circuit showing how it's done. Kenny Roberts (senior), Agostini, Steve Barker, Nick Jefferies and many more came along to the event to showcase what these bikes can do when they riden as they were always intended.

Here is a selection of photos over the two day event.

Below is an Ariel racer, my dad has a road going classic Ariel so it was interesting poking around a racer.
Kawasaki ZXR750 ready and waiting to be let loose on the track. I love how the road bike still has the hoover pipes like the race version.
Benelli 6 cylinder just before it was started up.
I had a good look around this Ducati 851 as I'm interested in this era Ducati at present. They sound unreal with some loud cans and the late 80s early 90s style hasn't dated like other bikes, at least it doesn't have the typical 90s decals like the Japanese sports bikes.
Classic Ducati racer just before a track session.
This stand had concours bikes on display. Two iconic Honda's, the CBX 6 cylinder and CB750 K1.
Honda CBX engine in a classic Honda race replica.
Honda CBX owners club stand.
Mallory was the one place where the Honda RC30 wasn't a rare sight.
This Kawasaki Z1 was immaculate and was located in the same tent as the CBX and CB750. The Yamaha RD350 LC next to it was in mint condition too.
Close up of a Laverda Jota, these things have shot up in value over the past few years.
Manx Norton collection.
It was good to see all the bikes at Mallory being taken out onto the track, although some seemed a bit fragile to give a hard session out on the circuit.
Although this Slabside GSXR750 looked a little beat it was the ideal track weapon and was seriously quick.
And lastly, my old man took his Triumph Trident 750 out onto the track as he fitted his old pipes off his Jubilee Bonneville. The bike made quite a lot of noise and as it's a triple it howled. Maybe next year he'll be taking a photo of me hooning down the pit staight.

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