14 November 2010

WRC Great Britain 2010 - Sweet Lamb

It has been a busy weekend. For months myself and my brother having been waiting for Rally GB. This year is the last year we will see the 2.0 litre turbo cars as in 2011 the FIA rules are changing so all the top cars will be 1.6 turbo. We set off late on thursday night and stayed in a travel lodge. On the friday morning we went to Sweet Lamb to watch the cars go through the stage. It was cold, very wet and muddy, this is rallying in November after all. Here are some pics from the friday and a small vid.
This was the course car. The sweet sound of the 5 cylinder in the distance made it feel like it should be 1983 watching an Audi Quattro.
VIP's flew in via helicopter. The sky was very busy just before the first car went though.
The first car, Sebastian Loeb. He wasn't hanging about.
Here is a small video showing the speed these guys were able to achieve even in these conditions.
In the afternoon we watched at another corner but the rain was so heavy I left my camera in the car as it would have been soaked through if I had taken in with me. After the cars had all been through we packed up and headed towards the next travel lodge in Swansea.

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