11 November 2010

Mallory Park - Drifting

Mallory Park is about two miles from where I work so after a day in the office I headed to the circuit. I was quite excited because one of my buddies I went to university with was coming up all the way from Portsmouth for the drift what ya brung day. I got to Mallory and it was like a ghost town apart from the bumbling exhausts I could hear from the pit lane.

I could see a line of cars in the pitline so I went over there to check out the action and see what cars had turned up.
I met up with my buddy and had a good catch up. I had a look around his '91 PS13 and thought I'd take a few snaps to try and soak up the chilled and freindly atmosphere.
My mate took me out in his PS13 round the circuit as well. I decided to take a vid but you'll have to excuse the poor video editing.
It was an awesome afternoon. I can definately see why people do this form of motorsport. On another note, I think it's great that Mallory Park are offering the use of the track for drifting. In Japan, Europe and the States there seem to be quite a lot of circuits that get used for drifting whereas in England you'll be lucky if you get to use an old battered air strip with cones positioned out to make a course. I guess the demand is great enough now to justify circuits like Mallory doing this.

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