02 April 2011

Project Garage: It Begins

I've been quiet in recent months on the car front due to one major factor, I have just bought a house. The main attraction for me was the 21ft X 11ft garage. It is easily big enough for the Roadster, a couple of bikes, my car parts and a good work bench. I went down to the house today with a mate of mine and we made a start. It needs some cement, paint, wood stain, and other bits and pieces. Stay tuned for more progress. I thought it would be years until I had my own garage!
The back of the garage was covered in Ivy that was killing the bricks and mortar. We set too and removed it.
The roof and side of the garage was also covered in Ivy. A good three hours was spent removing it all and clearing down the side of the garage. The photos below show how the Ivy had spread into the garage. After a bit of patience it was coming off.
I'll be spending most of my spare time down there so the car front will be quiet for a while. Still, it's for a good cause.

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