01 April 2011

Dauer 962: Group C Road Racer

The Dauer 962 Le Mans was created using the same chassis as the Porsche 962 and was stripped down for modification. Bodywork components were replaced with revised carbon fibre and kevlar panels as well as having a redesigned under tray for increased stability at high speeds. 

The interior saw the addition of a passenger seat as well as leather upholstery. As the group C car had a ground hugging ride height, hydraulic suspension was installed on the Dauer to meet German ride height requirements.
The 962 Le Mans featured a Porsche water-cooled Type-935 2994 cc Flat-6 with two turbochargers, virtually the same found in the group C Porsche.  The car had a power output of around 730bhp thanks to the air restrictor being removed as the car was not used for competition purposes.

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