09 April 2011

Project Garage: Cleaning Up and Making a Mess

Last weekend I gave the garage a bit of a sweep so I could tidy it up a bit as it hadn't been touched in a long time. Once I had cleaned it I could begin to think where I was going to start.
Earlier this week I went to Focus DIY and bought a huge tub of garden fence wood stain. I've been spending a lot of my time painting the wooden beams and planks on the roof to help protect them but also give a nicer look. I've nearly finished the roof now so next will be the walls, then cement work on the floor as well as floor paint.
My dad fixed up the side door too as well as painting it with under coat and then a white top coat. Thanks to it being April a lot of bugs decided to fly into it so I now have the job of removing all the lady birds and flies.
We cleared the bushes at the back of the garage too.

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  1. Looking forward to the good things happening in here :)