07 April 2011

Donington Park: Grand Prix Collection

With all the business kicking off with the house, myself and a mate went to the Donington Park Grand Prix museum to have a bit of a break and check out some serious cars on show. Both of us have started to take a real interest in 1960s and 1970s Grand Prix racing so we thought a trip to the museum was in order.
When we got inside the museum the first collection was of some war time motorbikes.
The collection started with some German metal.
Going into the Grand Prix halls was quite spectacular the first time you entered the room.
This four wheel drive Lotus 63 was on display. I got some close up shots of the car as it was great to see how Grand Prix cars were developed back in the golden age.

My mate Rich demonstrates how tall the rear wing is on the Lotus Cosworth 49B.
Rich took a photo of me admiring the right hand bank of the V8 in the Mclaren.
Tribute to Roger Williamson. He grew up in Leicester which is around 12 miles from where I live. Roger is discussed in the BBC documentary I featured on here recently.
I was interested in how the rear wing design changed over the decades.
This Vauxhall Firenza was also in the museum. The car used to be raced by Gerry Marshall.

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