12 October 2011


Since getting into bikes the Ducati 750SS/ 900SS model has been on my radar. The Superlight model is based on the 900SS platform but features items such as a single racing seat, carbon fibre front mudguard and upswept exhaust pipes.

Truth be told it's only about 6kg lighter than the standard SS. Either way it looks great, sounds amazing, and is exclusive.
Just to show how easy it is to make a 750SS have that Superlight feel here is a modified 750SS. Forget the 916 and 748, for me this sums up Ducati in the 90s. Sure the SS models didn't have Cosworth developed 8 valve head like the 851 Superbike or the advanced design like the 916, but they are a straight forward Italian twin.
With the way current 750SS prices are the Ducati fund is ready and waiting, I just need to finish the Roadster, FZR, and KH125 first......

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