09 October 2011

The Power of Dreams

Honda use the slogan 'The Power of Dreams' in the majority of their adverts and it is easy to see why when looking at the Honda NR750.

The NR(New Racing) 750 can trace its roots back to the NR500 Grand Prix racer and the NR750 endurance racer in the 1980s. The oval piston design meant that each cylinder had 8 valves enabling the engine to produce more power due to the increased air/ fuel mixture. The road version had an advanced fuel injection system and featured titanium connecting rods. The expense didn't stop with the engine, the frame was coated with titanium to help prevent scratches and the bike was covered in carbon fibre.
In 1992 300 street models were produced by Honda and the bike is still renounced for being one of the most expensive production bikes ever made.

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