27 March 2011

StanceWorks UK Meet Part 2 - Milton Keynes

A few weeks ago I received an invitation on Facebook for the StanceWorks UK Meet Part 2. I saw that a couple of mates were planning to attend so I headed off to Milton Keynes today to see what sort of cars would be there. There was quite an assortment of cars ranging from the well thought out to the thrown together. I met up with my mate Rich Hudson (http://hudsonofc.wordpress.com/who I went to University with as well as Dave Cooper who I met at Mallory Park in November for Drift What Ya Brung (http://www.dazecoop.com/).

I was instantly drawn to Rich's and Dave's cars as they are rough and ready drift cars that get used daily. I caught up with the guys then started taking photos.
It was a worthwhile afternoon and was good catching up with guys I hadn't seen in over 5 months. Not all the cars there were great but there were some really nice examples. Although I prefer performance orientated vehicles instead of show cars, next time there is a event like this I may have to go and take a look.

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