10 January 2011

Love the Beast

After buying Retro Cars recently I saw an article written by Rob Richardson (Racer86) regarding the documentary 'Love the Beast'. The film follows Eric Bana from a teenager to present day regarding the ownership of his 'beast', a 1974 Ford Falcon coupe. Although Eric is a film star, it shows his passion for cars and racing from an age when fame and fortune hadn't found him.

All I will say is, if you're a true petrol head and cars are your life, watch this film as it will make total and utter sense.

Once I had watched the film it made me question why I put my car back to standard and want to sell it. Sure it has its faults, and needs job sorting here and there, but that's the point of tuning cars. I now have the vision in my head of looking back in 20 years at my car in whatever state of tune it will be in and thinking 'that car is a part of my life'.

1 comment:

  1. That's the goal with my car. I'm hoping my kids will get to ride in it one day...