27 December 2010

Shakotan Boogie: Akira Z

My brother and his girlfriend came round for boxing day to exchange Christmas gifts. I was presented with this Aoshima scale model Shakotan Boogie 240ZG. I love everything about it, the style of drawing on the box, the flared body shell and the detail that has gone into each part.
Here is a close up of the drawings on the box,
The body shell is already painted so that's one less job to do. I love the shade of blue that this Z comes in.
I started to investigate the parts that I will be building the car with. The detail is quite clear and I like the small touches like this wooden steering wheel.

To my surprise there is more than one of the same part so I can chose what type of seats or wheels I want to have on the car.
Although the kit comes with these Watanabe eight spoke wheels, I will be staying true to the series and fitting the SSR Mk1 rims.
The instructions are quite clear so there shouldn't be a problem putting all this together even though quite a lot of it is in Japanese,
It almost feels like I shouldn't build the kit but I've never been one for leaving models in the pack and leaving them unbuilt. I guess the only solution is to buy every other Aoshima Shakotan Boogie model that is in production!

I need to get a decent modelling knife and some glue now.

Stay tuned!

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