17 December 2010

Of Mice and Cayman

A friend of mine came to show me this Porsche Cayman S earlier this week. Having only ever been a passenger in various Porsche 911 models I was interested to see how the Cayman compared.

Magazines such as Evo rave about the Cayman and I can see why. This model had a pair of carbon fibre kevlar bucket seats, much like the Recaro seats I have for my Roadster. The seats are hands down the best bucket seats I've ever sat in, but that luxury comes with a hefty price. We stopped off after a few miles and got a few photos but gave up after 5 minutes as it was so cold. We later had a blast around some country lanes and thought it would be an idea to take some festive photos in a small village called Market Bosworth.
The addictive howl of the flat 6 didn't tire once and the gearing of the car makes it feel like it is more suited to somewhere like Silverstone than the public roads. When you hit the redline and change gear the revs drop right into the peak power band which is exactly where you want it to be. When I went out in the TTRS it was very fast and the torque was immense, but this feels like a pedigree sports car through and through.

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