25 July 2010

Silverstone Classic: Part Four

The final part of the Silverstone Classic. It really was a great event. I have only used a handful of pictures I took on the day.
So there you go. A huge selection of cars and a superb day out. Having gone to the past two events I can say that this year was the best by far.

I bought this whilst I was at Silverstone. Cosworth has played an important part regarding my interest in cars and engines. My dad was an senior engineer there in the mid 1990's so he would often bring home Sierra Sapphire Cosworth's all the way to Volvo 850's with test rigs on. The name Cosworth will always make me remember a cold winter night in 1994 where my dad took myself and my older out in a slightly tuned white 4X4 Sapphire Cosworth and showed me what the fuss was about.
When I got home I thought I'd take a pic of the Roadster as all day it was faultless and drove like an absolute champ.

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