04 June 2010

Project Kawasaki Update: BANG (Part 1)

Well, after a good evening on Wednesday visiting freinds I hadn't seen in a while I get a phonecall from my dad on Thursday asking if I fancy a bike ride in the afternoon. I go home, get my gear and we head off out. We go through numerous nice villages and then we take a few pictures.
On the way home I thought I'd pick up the pace a little. So I'm cruising up front at around 55 - 60 mph. 7 miles from home, scream.... bang....bang.... and then smoke blown out through the exhaust. I coast to a stop and the first thing I think is 'shit'. The engine is seized good and proper. So we hide the bike by some bushes and I get on the back of my dads CB500. I go and wait with the bike later whilst the recovery people come and we get it home.

Stay tuned for part two, and engine pics.

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