10 May 2010

'84 Kawasaki Project

I picked up a Kawasaki earlier on tonight. It's a 1984 KH125. I sold the Suzuki recently as, well....it didn't work properly. This is mechanically and electrically sound......it's just the paint work that is dire.

Not to worry, a trip to Halfords earlier and a visit on ebay, I have some new old stickers arriving and some nice ice white paint for all the panels and paintwork. I want to try and get it to look original as possible. This is going to be my little summer project so stay tuned,

1 comment:

  1. hi i am having a bit of trouble with my centre stand, i found your blog a while back when i first bought my kh (i love it) and i was wondering if you could send me an image of the centre stand, where the spring goes on the frame. my email is aidan.a0130@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated.
    thanks a bunch, aidan