31 March 2010

When Rallying was Rallying!

This video makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck, especially the instantly recognisable theme music. Being a 6 year old boy at the time, I still remember my dad waking me up earlier and us heading off to stages like Clumber Park and Chatsworth to witness Celica's, Escort Cosworth's, Subura Impreza's and many more being driven to the absolute limit by the worlds finest.

This video shows what rallying in the UK was like when I was a child. I still look at these videos and think that this is when rallying was 'proper'. Not just in Wales, all of the UK was used. No trick computers and diffs. Just a nightly rally report of BBC 2, and the fact I will ALWAYS call it the LOMBARD RAC Rally. Enjoy,

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