04 September 2011

Real Classic Meet - September 2011

I follow the Real Classic message board from time to time and I spotted that there was going to be a meet this Sunday around 11am. Mad Mike on the message board organises these, last time I went I took the Roadster so I thought this time I'd rock up on the FZR. I classify the FZR as a sort of classic bike as in 3 years it'll be 25 years old (the official text book age for being a classic).

When I got up this morning it was raining and I wondered if the meet would be on. After a quick call to my dad and a father son chat (I.e being told to stop being a big Jessie) I got my camera and gear ready to go to the meet. My dad turned up to my place and we set off to the meet.
We arrived at the meeting point and Mike was the first person there. He was on his Norton that was restored in 1976. It still looks fabulous considering that was some 35 years ago.
A genuine mileage of 82,222. It goes to show that if a bike is looked after they can do this sort of mileage.
As more bikes turned up the sun started to shine and the roads dry out.
My Yam sitting there still clean from the day before.
The colours of the Triumph's fuel tank look great when the sun hits it. The colour scheme is very similar to a sunburst Fender Stratocaster.
The fuel tank on this Ariel has two grooves on both sides of the tank, no doubt complex to manufacture.
A BSA having a well deserved rest. The bike and rider has travelled from Manchester.
We couldn't stay too long as lunch was approaching but it was good to see some familar faces and have a good chat again. I've been told to contact a paint shop in Leicester regarding the fuel tank on the FZR and with Stafford Bike Show coming up next month I'll be making a shopping list in the coming weeks.

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