18 February 2011

E92 M3 - Competition Pack

My buddy picked me up in this E92 M3 recently so took the opportunity to take a few photographs. This is the first M3 I have been in and the first thing that struck me was the shear speed in which the car accelerates. The car has an auto box but was incredibly quick when changing up or down. I've noticed on a few performance cars now how the engine management system will blip the throttle when you change down in order to reduce engine braking. If the car were a manual I'd want this feature removing as that is part of the fun about dancing on all three pedals.
The car had an aggressive look about it that can only really be appreciated when up close to it. The huge alloy wheels looked great but also gave a surprisingly good ride.
The car sounded awesome and felt very stable in a wide array of corners as well as general driving around. I can only imagine what this thing would sound like with a full racing exhaust system.
The interior had been finished very nicely with leather bucket seats. I would expect nothing less from the 'M' brand but this car did have a high quality feel to it.

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