31 January 2011

White Lightning

I've always been partial to some RS Ford's. I've never cared for some of them but any Ford that was stamped with the RS logo and had true motorsport pedigree has appealed to me. The Escort RS Turbo S1 was a homoligation road going version of the group A rally car. Many people didn't like the Escort S1 because it was front wheel drive and tended to suffer from torque steer.
The car featured a boosted 1.6 CVH unit that produced about 130bhp. This isn't considered much by standards today, but in the 1980s this car was considered quite quick. The marketing campaign called it 'White Lightning' due to only being sold in white.

Good examples today can fetch up to £6,000, but like many Fords they tend to rust quite badly if not looked after or have been abused and driven very hard. To see more clean examples check out the RS Owners Club or Passion Ford.

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