29 January 2011

944 - Road & Track

I found myself last night all of a sudden thinking about a owning a Porsche 944 again. A few years back I looked into selling my Roadster and buying an S2 Turbo 944. Insurance premiums stopped me doing so but I have since found some really cheap N/A 944's for sale that look to be in quite good condition for the price. Here are a few photos I found whilst browsing around. Although the 944 was considered the poor man's Porsche in the 1980s, Tiff Needle still rates this as one of the finest handling cars ever produced.
As you can see from the photo above, the gearbox was placed at the back of the car in order to help with weight distribution. The 944 really is a focused drivers car with a very small price tag.

We'll see how things go but I could imagine myself having a sorted 944 tucked away in the garage with the Roadster.

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